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ATUM Multi-Inventory – multi-inventory for WooCommerce


ATUM’s Multi-Inventory Premium Plugin takes WooCommerce inventory management to a whole new level. Create as many products for each product as you wish!

Demo: https://www.stockmanagementlabs.com/addons/atum-multi-inventory/

WooCommerce, as the most popular WordPress e-commerce solution, did not include the option to sell a business from different warehouses or using several vendors. Until now, store owners have had the opportunity to either choose a third-party solution, or choose it specifically for their site. None of the solutions are ideal if the store does not have a significant budget to cover costs.

ATUM Multi-InventoryIt attempts to resolve the above problems and provides advanced features to reduce costs incurred by third-party services. Now, as a store owner, you have the opportunity to add as many inventory records for the product as your business needs. Even better, the system is trying to push the boundaries of editing far beyond the usual standard. 

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