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Gonzales – WordPress Site Acceleration

Gonzales WordPress Plugin – A WordPress plugin that helps you optimize the loading of conditional resources on a site. The goal of the plugin is to: minimize the amount of resources (CSS / JS) (faster rendering, reduced CPU / GPU usage on the end device); reduce document loading time (minimized TTFB time, reduced processor and RAM usage on the server); Gonzales allows you to load CSS / JS and even plugins depending on which page you visit. This is a simple and easy tool that allows you to get rid of unnecessary CSS and JS files registered by themes and plugins. If you don’t know how to speed up document loading, try Gonzales . 

Demo: https://tomasz-dobrzynski.com/wordpress-gonzales

A convenient settings window allows you to remove javascript and CSS plug-in files from all pages except for a specific page in a couple of mouse clicks, thereby 

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