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MainWP Premium  – WordPress Site Management Plugin

MainWP is a plugin that allows you to manage your WordPress admin panel from one central location and gain almost complete control of all your WordPress sites from the MainWP dashboard. To connect the site to the main site, you need to install and activate the MainWP Child plug-in on the subsidiary site This plugin will generate a security code that must be specified on the main site at the time the child site is added in the MainWP plugin interface. MainWP Premium Bundle includes 41 plugins!

Info: https://mainwp.com/mainwp-extensions/ MainWP plugin features: – Backup of subsidiary sites – Backup schedule – Backup to a remote folder

– Cloning of subsidiary sites
– Updating plugins and templates on subsidiary sites
– Installing templates and plugins on subsidiary sites
– Adding, editing, deleting posts and pages on subsidiary sites
– Setting up ignored updates for plugins and templates
– User management
– Monitoring accessibility
– Email notifications

Thus, you are in no way dependent on someone else’s server and do not provide any third party with information from your sites.

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