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Plugin WooCommerce Product Bundles 


A complete set of tools for grouping products to create custom product sets and assembled products.

Demo: https://woocommerce.com/products/product-bundles/

Product packaging is one of the most effective marketing strategies. Combine several products together, offer them at a discount and watch sales grow!

But packaging is not only about increasing sales – product grouping is also important for creating product suites and assembled products.

Product bundles– This is a flexible set of tools for grouping products, suitable for use in a wide range of applications thanks to the advanced functions of grouping, pricing and delivery. Need a way to combine multiple inventory-driven components into custom packages? There are small bundles of products that cannot be dealt with!

Create Product Packages
Adding a package to your catalog is probably the easiest way to offer several related products together. To make the offer more attractive, you can make a discount on the entire package or individual products.

Random Products

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