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Responsive Menu Pro – WordPress responsive menu plugin

Responsive Menu Pro is a simple WordPress plugin that allows you to convert the current theme menu into a responsive menu that is fully compatible with the W3C standard.

Info: https://responsive.menu/

Mega-menu support
You can not only control and configure your menu for mobile and tablet devices, you can also manage your regular menu. Thanks to the full settings, including the functionality of the Mega Menu.

Arbitrary menu headers
Give yourself the opportunity to add a title to your site’s menu. By combining it with the mega-menu options, as well as with many settings, you can create beautiful site menus in minutes.

Swipe and keyboard commands
You can use manual or remote-controlled swipes, such as scrolling or keyboard commands, such as Esc or Space, to open and close menus. Like everything in the plugin, the choice is up to you.

20+ animated buttons
Developers have combined amazing button animations created by Jon Suh, which can be found on his jonsuh.com/hamburgers/ page. All are fully unlocked and ready to give your menu a button of any choice!

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