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Thrive Headline Optimizer- Beautiful Headers for WordPress

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Thrive Headline Optimizer- Beautiful Headers for WordPress


Thrive Headline Optimizer is a plugin for increasing the conversion of your WordPress posts, which will bring great success to your posts. How often do you publish a new post, but after hours no one will write a simple comment or share the news on social networks? You would think that no one wants to write comments, but then you pay attention to a post that does not have useful information, but there is an active discussion in the comments and is shared on social networks. And your content is not paid attention. This often happens, and often it depends on poorly designed headlines; they don’t encourage the audience to click on them. If you did not know, then people are five times more likely to read headings than the text itself. Good headlines attract attention, clicks, and provide your content with success more than any other factor.

Demo: https://thrivethemes.com/headlineoptimizer/

How to use the plugin?
First step: Write a headline. The more headings there are in your author text, the better the results will be. With the add-on there are templates that make work easier.

Second step: Everything is ready. Start testing and the Thrive Headline Optimizer does the rest. Your audience will see the selected heading options, and the plugin will collect statistics. Based on the factors of enthusiasm, such as the number of clicks, viewing time, and others, the plugin will choose the best option for the title design to maximize interaction with the audience.

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