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Thrive Quiz Builder  – WordPress Survey and Quiz Plugin


Thrive Quiz Builder is one of the best plugins for organizing quizzes, polls and polls on WordPress. And the most focused on the right marketing of them. Thrive Quiz will help you grow your mailing list, conduct social campaigns and provide you with data to grow your business.

Demo: https://thrivethemes.com/quizbuilder/
The plugin allows you to do non-linear polls with multiple development and graduation options. It is not easy: answer 3 questions, and I will calculate the sum of points and give you one of two options based on these points. It is also possible, but when each subsequent question is a consequence of the previous answer – this is a really cool marketing tool!

Creating a cool poll, voting or quiz, as it turned out, can be quite simple. You do not need any programming knowledge. Just use your mouse and sense of taste.

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