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WooCommerce shortcodes & Custom Product page with Elementor

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WooCommerce shortcodes & Custom Product page with Elementor 


Add WooCommerce shortcodes and create your own template for the WooCommerce product details page with the Elementor plugin

Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/woocommerce-shortcodes-custom-product-page-with-elementor/21387318

If you have a problem with displaying WooCommerce shortcodes and custom standalone Woocommerce product, use the Elementor plugin. You want to use the Elementor plugin to create templates for each product when viewing one product.

No problem, this plugin will help you easily do this, it will help you control or sort all the content elements of a single product: title, price, price, data tabs … to create a separate product page. Also, if there are no shortcodes for the Woocommerce plugin in Elementor, the plugin supports its addition.

If you want to display product data without tabs, this plugin supports the display of a separate product description, additional product information and product reviews in each section. 

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