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WP Migrate DB PRO – WordPress Database Transfer Plugin

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WP Migrate DB PRO  – WordPress Database Transfer Plugin

WP Migrate DB PRO allows you to transfer your WordPress database from one domain to another. During the migration process, the plugin replaces all occurrences of the site address, file paths, and any other values ​​with new ones. Serialized data will also be processed correctly. 

Info: https://deliciousbrains.com/wp-migrate-db-pro/ 

You can enable compatibility mode for certain plugins or change the maximum request size. Both of these settings can help speed up the migration process. 

In the advanced settings, you can specify additional parameters:
– Replace post identifiers (GUIDs) 
– Exclude spam comments 
– Exclude WordPress cache entries 
– Ensure compatibility with versions of MySQL earlier than 5.5
– Exclude record revisions. 

As a result of export, you will receive a sql file that will need to be imported into the database on the target site to complete the migration. 

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