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YITH Best Price Guaranteed for WooCommerce Premium

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YITH Best Price Guaranteed for WooCommerce Premium 

The plugin allows you to offer customers a guarantee in case they find the same products at a lower price in other electronic commerce.
How can I benefit from this:
You will strengthen the trust of your customers in your reliability;
You will be loyal to your customers, always providing them with your products at the lowest price on the market;
You can easily and quickly manage notifications of your customers and offer them to make purchases in real time without risking to leave your e-commerce pending.
Prices for our products are never easy. The market is changing so quickly that while we try, we constantly risk that our prices are higher than those of our competitors.

As an obvious result, our product will not have much chance of being sold.

No matter how much you think about it, you cannot find a reason. You are looking for a solution on the page of your store, checking the annual trend, tracking the positioning of the product in search engines and the value of your brand. Everything seems perfect, as usual, but the product you added to your store still doesn’t generate a single purchase.

The fact is that customers are used to finding the best deals on the market, and even one dollar often matters, including for your regular customers.

Wouldn’t it be nice to let customers tell you themselves that another store is selling the same product at a lower price?
That is why we decided to develop a pluginYITH Best Price Guaranteed for WooCommerce , which allows users to inform you of a cheaper product on another site so they can ask for a discount.

Soon after the request, you can decide to automatically provide a discount on your purchase and subsequently adjust the price in accordance with the market.

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