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JCH Optimize PRO for WordPress – WordPress Acceleration

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JCH Optimize PRO for WordPress  – WordPress Acceleration


Speed ​​up your WordPress site instantly with JCH Optimize PRO ! This plugin provides all the appearance optimizations needed to optimize the loading speed of your site. The main function is to automatically combine CSS and javascript files to reduce the number of HTTP requests made by the browser to load your web page. Combined CSS and javascript files can be further optimized by minimizing and compressing the file using gzip. In addition, HTML output can be optimized to optimize loading. These optimizations reduce server load, bandwidth requirements, and page load times.

Off. website: https://www.jch-optimize.net/
What JCH Optimize PRO includes:
– Download the combined javascript file asynchronously
– Optimization of CSS delivery to eliminate rendering blocking
– Support for the CDN / Cookie-less domain
– Image optimization
– Lazy image downloads 

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