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uSchema – Ultimate Rich Data Schema for WordPress


A simple but powerful plugin that helps WordPress users and developers easily integrate advanced metadata and structured data into their website.

Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/uschema-ultimate-rich-data-schema-for-wordpress/25126158

During this time of the era, search engines are working hard to understand the content on web pages and provide the user with what they are actually trying to find. So the search results are becoming more relevant every day. But understanding a web page is not a simple task. The search engine cannot just see the page and decide what it is about. This is where schema.org begins. This project was launched in 2011 by Bing, Google Yahoo and Yandex. The goal of this project was to create some common set of markups for web pages so that the search engine can understand how the page works.

Now the problem for the website owner or web developer is that you can’t just say that this page is a product and the search engine recognizes it. This should be the specific format provided by schema.org. It should follow the same guidelines defined by schema.org.

To be honest, this is not very easy. Even developers are struggling with implementing the scheme on a simple web page, not to mention a dynamic website such as WordPress.

Here uSchema helps both the developer and the site owner.

uSchema is useful when creating custom fields and microdata without writing a single line of code.

You can also display custom fields on the external interface of your site without resorting to advanced encoding and editing function files, all with the benefits of schema and Json LD.

uSchema also includes schema.org and the Google Structured Data Guide in the plugin backend to help you easily understand each step and option.

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