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WooCommerce Dropshippers  – Dropshipping WooCommerce

WooCommerce Dropshippers is a WordPress plugin that makes your e-commerce dropshipping ready. No more compromises, no preliminary solutions, this is the only full-featured platform for direct delivery of WooCommerce! With WooCommerce Dropshippers, an administrator can assign a custom Dropshipper role to a user. Once a role is assigned to a user, the administrator can assign products to him.

Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/woocommerce-dropshippers/7615263

For each sale transaction, the dropshipper receives an email notification with the buyer’s address where the goods should be sent. After delivery is complete, the dropshipper will be able to notify the store administrator of the operation.

Dropshippers will also be able to send the administrator information about the tracking number, the company used for delivery, delivery date and notes. The administrator will be able to view orders and see how many dropshippers have already been completed and evaded the order.

The administrator can also set a “dropshipper price” for each product (simple products and variable products) so that Dropshippers can control their sales directly from the toolbar. It will also allow the administrator to find out the amount of money to be paid to each dropshipper (from a new view of the dropshipper list)

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