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WooCommerce Wallet Coupons

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WooCommerce Wallet – credit, cashback, refund system


Create coupons that can be exchanged for the user’s wallet.

Off. website: https://woowallet.in/product/woo-wallet-coupons/

It acts as a gateway for online payments, so the buyer can buy goods in the store using the available amount.

Supports partial payment
Partial payment is one of the great features of this plugin. The client can place orders, even if they do not have enough funds in the wallet account.

Supports return
The administrator can refund the amount of the order to the client in his wallet no matter what payment method he used, and dispense that the payment method supports the return.

With cashback options
To make purchases even more interesting, store owners typically provide money back offers here, we came. The administrator may set a different refund policy based on the product, basket or product category.

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