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WpAlter – customization WordPress admin panel

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White Label WordPress Plugin – WpAlter


The WordPress plugin allows you to customize most of the items in the toolbar or WordPress admin panel. Change the style of your WordPress admin dashboard to your desired color theme and change most of the wordpress elements.

Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/white-label-wordpress-plugin-alter/17567303

Built-in plugins:admin menu editor and admin menu editor pro: since these plugins and WpAlter have the same menu setting function, each of them will manage the other. Actually, we cannot call it compatible, because our plugin will work with these plugins, but sometimes users will be embarrassed by the same actions between the two plugins. Say, for example, if the user configured the menu text using WpAlter, and it will not be displayed, because the plug-in code of the administrator menu editor will overwrite the menu with the default menu text again.

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