It is said in the stories that a noble man divided some pills of bread and fish among thousands of hungry people and now, after 2000 years of humanity in technology, he has invented technology to do the same thing in the digital world: coding. The WordPress Statute states that the program is a free system that you can easily distribute or modify. When we understand what WordPress is, the question that comes up and we look for the answer is why is WordPress free? To understand the free WordPress site builder, we need to take a look at the history of the free content management system movement. do you agree?

Why is WordPress Free?

In the 1970s, many academics encouraged the sharing of DIY knowledge and culture. As a result, the FSM was founded in 1983 by Richard Stallman and the GNU project was launched at MIT American University. It was a public partnership, and still is, a free software movement that had never happened before.

In 1985, the Free Software Foundation (FSF) was created by Stallman to support the FSM movement. A few years later, in 1989, he wrote the GPL General License to be used with free software. This license allows people to review, use, share and modify free software to meet their needs.

Since the code does not exist physically, if shared, both parties will have the software or system in question. Code is like knowledge and an idea that is not lost and is expanded by sharing.

Another argument advocated by the movement is that WordPress does not need to cost a lot to copy and distribute, so the high profit margin of distribution from one point to another is unacceptable.

Many of the richest companies in the world are software that use free tools but keep their original software locked and get richer every day. These two reasons make FSM activists keep the code free. Somewhat we realized why WordPress is free? For a better understanding of the rest of the article.

The evolution of GPL and free software

The GPL has had two major developments since its inception in 1991 and the second in 2007, but the underlying philosophy remains unchanged, depending on the four freedoms required for “free software”:

Freedom 0: Use the software for any purpose.
Freedom 1: Read the software using access to the source code and modify it if needed.
Freedom 2: Distribute the copy of the software to anyone without restriction.
Freedom 3: Change the software and distribute the modified version to everyone.
WordPress also cites these freedoms as its philosophy.
Note that in the FSF definitions, not all open source software is necessarily open source, but all open source software is open source. Some of the popular software under the GPL are as follows:

Linux Kernel, which supports Linux operating system and is used on all web servers.
The MediaWiki site on which Wikipedia works.
Android OS, the world’s most popular operating system, uses the Linux shell.
WordPress is used by over 33% of websites worldwide.
With these statistics, it is clear that free and open source content management software and systems have changed the world. Why is WordPress Free?

WordPress as a free software

WordPress was created with a philosophy like FSM in 2003 by Mike Little and Matt Mullenweg, based on a popular but abandoned blogging platform called b2 / cafelog. He was the first to respond in support of the idea.
In 2010, the two founders launched WordPress Foundation as a public organization to develop the goal of a free WordPress site builder. Today, WordPress is constantly being developed by foundations and users around the world.

Notably, we mean WordPress in this article, or the WordPress Repository hosted by WordPress, but is a premium platform despite being linked to the same brand. While WordPress software is free, creating an online website also has its costs, which is not a limitation of WordPress. All websites have the same status for having to buy web hosting to host the WordPress site.

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